You might have heard that Happiest Hour is the biggest patio bar in Dallas. Yet when you walk through the front doors, expect your jaw to drop. Happiest Hour is the largest space designed by Harwood Design Factory (HDF), the sole in-house interior design firm for Harwood International. Take note of these five unique elements of Happiest Hour you won't find anywhere else in Dallas. 

  1. An intimate lounge among the spacious downstairs dining
    After you're greeted by friendly hostesses upon walking in, you’ll notice the busy bar and dozens of filled tables. To your right, you’ll notice a private lounge area enclosed with a copper beaded shimmer screen. This allows for guests to maintain a certain level of privacy if desired. An alternate perspective, though, is that this unique lounge is also a bit of a seen-and-be-seen space. 
  2. A duo of circular banquettes
    A prominent sight on the lower level of Happiest Hour is the giant circular booths tucked in the corner near the stairs. Astounding works of craftsmanship, these custom booths weigh approximately 1,500 pounds. A nod to the design team's thoughtfulness, these booths were also installed and designed to be seen from both the inside and outside of Happiest Hour.
  3. Eye-catching light features
    Lighting features and fixtures are often understated. For HDF, this was a central focal point in plans for Happiest Hour. In addition to the lounge and custom banquettes, an astounding light feature will catch your eye. Hanging over the main bar is a collection of exposed light bulbs arranged at varying levels. This fixture add character to the space and further contributes to the industrial-chic vibe created by the concrete floors and rustic wood surfaces. Another light feature is placed in the stairway. Lettered in light bulbs it reads just how everyone feels at Happiest Hour, "Happy." 
  4. Happiest Hour to Fanciest Hour
    For those who ask the everlasting question, “Where should we go out tonight?” Happiest Hour is the answer, no matter what kind of fun you have in mind for the night. The open-air atmosphere of Happiest Hour's downstairs creates an ideal laid-back environment. The large space outfitted for entertainment is well-suited for meeting up with a big group, watching a game or seeing the sun set with man's best friend on the expansive outdoor patio. When that primetime nightlife hour rolls around while you're still at Happiest Hour, you can skip the Uber ride to Uptown. Step upstairs to the lounge, where your night will hit the next level. Appropriately named Fanciest Hour, this upper deck lounge has a different aura entirely. The intimate, low-lit setting is complemented by ambient house music and leather seating. 
  5. Fanciest Hour's Rooftop Patio
    Everyone loves a good patio and even more so if it’s on a roof. Happiest Hour has both and two elements set it apart from other patio bars in Dallas. Fanciest Hour's rooftop patio boasts stunning skyline views. With an exceptional location within walking distance to the American Airlines Center, this award-winning sporting and event destination is in plain sight from Fanciest Hour's rooftop patio. Other sights you can see include Dallas landmark Reunion Tower and the 33-story W Dallas Hotel. The second element is signature to Harwood concepts. Garden greenery throughout the patio creates an intriguing balance between nature and the man-made cityscape. 

To understand the scale, atmosphere and thoughtful details of Happiest Hour, you simply have to experience first-hand. Happiest Hour is open daily from 11 AM to 2 AM. For a peek at the menu and more, please visit and follow Happiest Hour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram