Men - here's your official warning, Valentine's Day is approaching. Like really soon. No, really, look at a calendar. Valentine's Day is February 14th, just like last year. Just fyi. 

Women - help out your men, subtly share this post with them and give them a not-so-subtle hint as to what you want to do this weekend. 

We're all about Valentine's Day at HARWOOD, mostly because our restaurants are so perfect for the holiday. 

Saint Ann is a beautiful romantic garden atmosphere. You can sip wine over white linens while you gaze longingly into each other's eyes. 

Mercat Bistro is more intimate for whispering sweet nothings into your loved one's ear. 

But, most importantly we make it easy. Both Saint Ann & Mercat Bistro have set menus for Valentine's Day. So you'll pay just one set price and enjoy a 4 course meal! It's $65 per person, so check out the menu and make your reservations ASAP before it fills up!

Saint Ann Vday Menu

Mercat Bistro Vday menu