The heat is turning up, but we’re chilling the rosé. 

Cool off these three digit days by enjoying an icy cold bevvie on one of HARWOOD’s amazing patios. Mercat Bistro, The Grove, Saint Ann and Magnolias Sous Le Pont are perfect places to cool down for a post-work happy hour. We highlighted our favorite summer drinks in HARWOOD and we invite you to try them all.  

The Peche Mignon
On the patios of Mercat Bistro, order the Peche Mignon for a fizzy, fruity unique cocktail. The drink begins with a frozen ball of violet liquor, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, mint and orange juice. Sparkling wine and Spanish rosé wine is poured over to slowly melt the frozen ball to create a different balance of flavors with each sip. 

Mango Madness Snoball
The Mango Madness Snoball is quickly becoming a favorite to cool down on a hot Texas day. We start with the best, the Original SnoWizard, ice and pure mango flavor paired with mango vodka. This icy beverage is exactly what you’ll want after a day on the volleyball court or for a weekday happy hour. 

Shaken Espresso
If you’re looking for something to energize your day, start with the shaken espresso on the new Magnolias patio. The espresso is shaken in a martini shaker to pack some extra energy and sweetness into your morning. Mixed with cream and a little bit of vanilla and hazelnut, you’ll definitely be coming back for more. 

Basil Lemonade
Whether you’re coming for a benedict for brunch or a flatbread for dinner, the basil lemonade at Saint Ann is the perfect anecdote to a warm morning or evening. Vodka with Veev, fresh basil, agave and lemon juice is made even better when you enjoy during a live performance on the Saint Ann patio stage. 

Use this summer heat as a perfect excuse to indulge in an icy beverage on a HARWOOD patio and let us know what your favorite is! 

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