“Movember” is in full effect, men from sea to shining sea are growing out their beards to bring awareness to prostate cancer throughout the month of November. However, centuries before the founding of “Movember” samurai regarded facial hair as a sign of masculinity, maturity and virility in samurai culture. Mustaches adorning samurai armor were typically made from boar, horse or yak hair and are occasionally painted on with lacquer (see the first photo in the series below). During the Edo period (1615-1868) there were strict regulations placed on facial hair for men of the samurai class. Only men of certain rank could wear full mustaches, full beards were forbidden. 

View a sampling of samurai facial hair in the photos below and visit The Samurai Collection during the "Movember" season to experience the more unique facial hair on samurai armor. 

To learn more about “Movember” and how two men used mustaches to raise over $700 million dollars in the fight against prostate cancer, visit https://us.movember.com/about/history.