With complimentary refreshments provided by Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar, The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection welcomed tenants from throughout the HARWOOD District for a premier evening to view Samurai: Inside the Armor and a special ikebana presentation by Motoko Ishihara Evans. Guests in attendance were associates from various companies that office in HARWOOD's commercial towers including Moneygram, Frost Bank, Winstead PC, Prologis, Boston Consultant Group, and Collett. 

Samurai: Inside the Armor presents a challenge to curious visitors of the collection – look past the surface of samurai armor to gain a new perspective and deeper understanding of this advanced art form. Helmets, masks, and suits of samurai armor feature intricate, beautiful, and creative exteriors to the naked eye. But, what lies beneath in the interiors of such ornate pieces? Were a myriad of materials used? What was the construction technique like? 

The answers are revealed by x-rays of the armor, which were taken at Brookhaven College with the guidance and meticulous expertise of the college's Radiologic Sciences Program. Extending thanks to the program, The Samurai Collection honored faculty with a donation of $5,000 earlier this summer. 

An added element enjoyed by guests during the reception was learning about ikebana, the Japanese art form of arranging flowers. Local Japanese culture consultant and fellow Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth member, Motoko Ishihara Evans, gave an insightful presentation and allowed guests to try their hand at the art form. 

Samurai: Inside the Armor is on display only through August 2016. Planning is underway for an exciting new exhbition and will open later this fall. Visit The Samurai Collection in the HARWOOD District Tuesday through Sunday with free admission. 

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