By Special Guest Mai Lyn Ngo, founder of

If one of your goals this year is to be more active, today I'm sharing a short workout you can do during your lunch in the gardens of Marie Gabrielle. There's beautiful weather ahead of us and I encourage you to get outside as much as possible! I recommend getting in a quick workout and some fresh air for lunch. It's a great way to break up your day and come back feeling even better to finish it strong and HARWOOD offers so many beautiful pocket parks to soak up that sunshine.

Today I've partnered with HARWOOD District to share a great workout you can do in the Marie Gabrielle gardens with minimal equipment. You'll just have to get creative. For lunch, I went to Marie Gabrielle and created a workout on the spot with anything I could find. Here are 10 moves you can do outdoors:

Here's the workout I would do:

Circuit 1: Repeat 3x. Rest for 45 seconds in between each set.
15x Push ups
15 Squat jumps
20 Mountain climbers

Circuit 2: Repeat 3x. Rest for 45 seconds in between each set.
20x Alternating lateral lunge
10x Burpees
20x Plank with shoulder taps

I hope this inspires  you to use your surroundings as your own personal playground. Take advantage of stairs, any elevated platform, ramps, or benches. You don't need to equipment, but can always add them in and find even more creative ways to get your sweat on.
If you're worried about sweating, look into body wipes for post sweat sessions. They work magic! The point is to get out and get moving. You'll feel even more refreshed and energized to tackle the rest of your day.


Mai Lyn Ngo is a Dallas-based food & fitness blogger with a motto all of us can live by: “I workout to eat.” She founded Deep Fried Fit to share her unconditional love of food and fitness, while promoting a balanced lifestyle of green juice and fried chicken. She hopes to inspire readers to step out of their comfort zones and try new things, whether it be a trendy restaurant or hot fitness craze. Mai Lyn has also been featured as an "influencer to follow" in several leading publications in Dallas; including Modern Luxury, CW33, D Magazine and GuideLive. When she's not working out, you can find her binge watching shows on Hulu or soaking up the sun on a patio with a cold one (in each hand).


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