There’s something special about getting cozy inside one of Dallas’ most unique restaurants and sipping on a cocktail that’s perfectly crafted just for the wintry weather. These are three of the most delightful cocktails to enjoy this season at Mercat Bistro.

Similar to the praised Péché Mignon, the tourbillon cocktail is a true seasonal specialty at Mercat. A frozen sphere of coffee and chocolate ganache is placed in a glass and carefully topped with warmed eggnog. By the time this cocktail arrives to your table, you’re delighted with a cocktail that is a tasteful play on temperature and texture. The eggnog slowly melts the chilly sphere and the result is so irresistible you may just go for another round. This cocktail is perfect for those who fancy the affogato.

French 76
The French 76 is a contemporary adaptation of the popular French 75, a cocktail that dates back to the 1920s. While an ordinary French 76 typically features vodka instead of gin, Mercat's unique French 76 features French St. Germain elderflower liqueur and cognac, then is topped with bubbly champagne and lemon juice. This combination creates a wonderful flavor and the cognac lends a warming sensation as you sip it slow. 

Modern day mixology has influenced an era of creativity. A simple, classic cocktail such as the martini has evolved to span the spectrum of flavors and complement a variety of dishes. Mercat’s espressotini is a perfect example and ideally enjoyed with the bistro’s rich caramel cheesecake or silky crème brûlée. Prepared with fresh espresso, a mix of Irish cream and hazelnut liqueur, vanilla vodka and a splash of Kahlúa to balance the java jolt, this cocktail is a must-have. 

Mercat Bistro is the HARWOOD District's contemporary European-style bistro that defines the oddities of history through its clever use and displays of antiquities. Dishes range from small plates to main courses including Braised Mushrooms, Croque Madame, Apricot Glazed Salmon and Foie Gras Terrine. Mercat is open daily for brunch, lunch and dinner. Mercat Bistro is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram