Kengo Kuma & Associates, design architect for Harwood International’s New Rolex, were selected to be the architect for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic’s main stadium.

Kuma’s team will partner with Taisei Corp. for construction of the $1.23 billion dollar project consisting of 800,000 seats. 

Next, Kuma’s team will begin interviews with athletes and other influencers to build out the design of the stadium. Kuma says, “I want to get opinions from athletes and others, and make this a stadium for everyone.”

The area of the proposed stadium is a site that Kuma is familiar with as he walks through it regularly on his commute to work. His familiarity with the environment heavily influenced his design. “As my office is close to Meiji Jingu Gaien and I knew the environment there, I wanted to create a stadium that would match the environment. I created the design in which people would feel themselves surrounded by trees while watching sports,” said Kuma.

This environment-focused design also had an impact on Harwood International’s New Rolex Building design. “This landscape-building idea applied to The Rolex Building will result in a beautiful urban-organic icon that will fundamentally change the Dallas cityscape,” he said. 
The fusion of architecture and nature is a feature of The Rolex Building that Kuma is also bringing to the design of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic main stadium. The new stadium will be the home of the opening ceremonies on July 24, 2020.