Future newlyweds will have the chance to experience and discover inspiration with more than 20 vendors during The Big Fake Wedding on Thursday, March 17. Exhibiting as the wedding venue, this bridal show alternative will be at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens with Edwardian England as the all-embracing theme.

Beginning at 7 p.m., The Big Fake Wedding will be conducted as a mock wedding ceremony with a real couple renewing their vows and a dance party reception to conclude the night. The structure of the event allows every vendor, including Marie Gabrielle, to show their best execution in design, style and organization.

"The Big Fake Wedding team is excited to be partnering with Marie Gabrielle for this year's big event, " Landrum Sitten, production manager for The Big Fake Wedding, said. 

"Marie Gabrielle provides the most incredible canvas for the vendor team to create designs that truly inspire brides and grooms while also offering a unique spin on a wedding venue. After visiting Marie Gabrielle, we were breathless from its beauty." 

Click here to purchase tickets and look forward to seeing these confirmed floral designers, entertainers, makeup artists and more in action: